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DSI works to foster a financial sector in which consumers, entrepreneurs and financial institutions can do business with confidence. A sector that is free of incidents caused by professionals violating the rules. The FMI mission is to advance the financial modeling profession by delivering and administering the Financial Modeling Certifications and supporting high quality education and training for financial professionals. GARP enables the risk community to make better informed risk decisions by educating and informing at all levels, from those beginning their careers in risk, to those leading risk programs at the largest financial institutions.

Stand Out in a Crowd: Because Investment Academy offers multiple but related certifications, you can more readily become certified in more than one specialty, making you more valuable and marketable in the field. Take It To Go: Our Prep Courses help you pass the industries toughest exams and certifications, widely accepted at both national and international levels and thus making it transportable throughout the world.

There are many ways to meet ongoing certification requirements. The sharing of knowledge is power. Rather than trying to hoard something that can be easily acquired, share your knowledge. Two people will collectively know more than one. Three will know more than two. At the core of Investment Academy is a team of hard-working, passionate professionals with strong entrepreneurial skills and many years of experience in financial markets. We use these qualities to make sure our training and courses are effective, distinctive and a good fit.

We work with a team of highly experienced practical trainers. The extensive interdisciplinary knowledge, the deep global operating experience and colourful professional background of our dedicated team of trainers helps us to create training programmes that reflect our ethos of excellence.

Our team possesses a wealth of complementary skills. Whether it involves training, multi-day training, courses or presentations, we are always focused on result. Want to improve yourself today? Learning something new and seeking knowledge and wisdom is a key part of constantly improving. So keep seeking new knowledge and inspiration every day.

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Be a student of life. Read books. Get certified. Join our classes and conversations and learn new stuff. Explore more. Product Details. Trainer has a lot of knowledge. Training works well to expand my basic knowledge. Clear explanation trainer. I am pleased with the trainer and the training.

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I learned a lot of new things that can help me find a new job. Very good training!

Financial Excellence: A Treasury of Wisdom and Inspiration

Good benefit from a few more examples to illustrate things.. Bob managed to make something very nice out of boring stuff. This trainer knows how to explain! Asset Management in time I didn't' realise when I left yesterday that we might not see each other soon. So thanks for the course and all for your explanations! And good luck with the house!

TREASURY OF INSPIRATION by Kenneth Seeman Giniger First Edition 2nd Print - $ | PicClick

He selected more interesting topics, took some time to explain them in a clear way and did not rush through the slides. Therefore I think I got many new insights during this training period. However, sometimes I found Bob repetitive. Still in my opinion it is better to be repetitive when one teaches rather than just jump through all topics.

EMIR I learned better understanding of the collateral material and margin issues. I learned a lot of techniques and concepts. In particular, the practice examples from the trainer's own experience were very educational. I will certainly apply this for my own work. I have learned about derivatives, the types, strategies and risks of derivatives. Derivatives Widening knowledge about the operation of derivatives, financial markets, as well as setting up option structures that prevent risk.

Like the training at Erasmus, the students at the VU found your guest lecture last September very inspiring.

10,000 Days of Financial Wisdom in 1,000 Seconds - Mr. Warren Mak - TEDxUTM

In the evaluations, the question arose to organize more speakers like Bob.. Asset Management in time Technical Analysis, Behavioral Finance pitfalls, these two topics are becoming more and more important. Since Bob took some time to explain things in a clear way I found these topics extremely interesting. Basically I remember the majority of the things he taught, even today, without putting lots of effort to study the material at home by myself.

Very much in correlation with day to day work in my case. For the rest some parts were very in at given my level of understanding but also the work we had to do on one side I was unable to follow throughout. All and all looking back, it was a great way to give someone with little knowledge on the industry a general, almost complete picture of the different areas, thanks!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Sharing knowledge is power. Training overview. ACI Preparation Courses. ACI Operations.

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ACI Dealing. Prep Courses We offer a wide range of tailor-made Preparation Courses for professionals in the Investment, Banking and Finance industries, who want to take the extra steps to validate their education and training through internationally recognized certification. Key to succes We firmly believe, that the key to success lies chiefly in the relevant combination of profound knowledge and extensive experience. Prep Courses.

Yes I want to register for:. A fine motto for all who suffer under incompetent management. And if you are a CEO and you begin to see a few BOHICA posters appearing around the place, then perhaps start asking yourself some questions about your organisational culture and management style..

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Paternalistic - and thoroughly patronising - expression of traditional values still held by many, including some who lead us. Accepting modern politically correct adaptations, BOMFOG attitudes typically sit snugly alongside the marginalisation of women and all other historically brow-beaten groups.

Leadership - and government, and any organized system - should be a force for genuine individual aspiration and emotional maturity. Regrettably however many sorts of leadership - especially of significant scale - eventually degenerate into control, manipulation, sham, and BOMFOG principles. By the way the term BOMFOG is linked most famously with certain very grand quotes attributed to the Rockerfellers Nelson and John D around the mid s, generally pronouncing how a new world can be established, based on their own superior, western, 'enlightened' view of life, and the assumption that holding such a view somehow includes the right to impose it on others.

Sounds familiar? Useful acronym for coaching and giving feedback to people.

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  4. Ack C Lloyd. Very useful acronym thanks J O'Connor for inception of projects, committees, investigations inquiries , studies, reports, etc, where purpose, parameters and ground-rules etc. Business Process Outsourcing. I'm wondering when the first example of an outsourced board of directors will be seen Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Nothing. Decision-making aid, applicable and useful for all sorts of situations. What are the benefits and risks from a particular course of action or option or default?

    What are the alternatives also considering their benefits and risks? And finally always remember that there is the option to do nothing, which on occasions can be the best thing. Ack A Jones. Brazil, Russia, India, China. In the early 21st century these are the 'Big Four' rapidly expanding national economies of the world. This increasingly visible acronym emphasises the growing significance of the emerging markets and economic powers, and the fact that the world is changing - in fact has already changed.