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Globalization and the Myths of Free Trade: History, Theory and Empirical Evidence by Anwar Shaikh

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For this reason, no matter what the efforts undertaken by individual researchers, the interdisciplinary approach proposed in this article only could be effectively developed in developing countries if it were to receive the support of the main academic institutions and agencies. See also Ricks, D.

Globalization and the Myths of Free Trade History, Theory and Empirical Evidence Routledge Frontiers

Recent development in the international management research, Journal of International Management, 16 2 , for the results of a survey undertaken in in which business-government relations following two orientations, i. As political actors.

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New Political Economy, 3 2 , Accordingly, the understanding of what 'international management' does or is capable of doing, as well as 'international managers', requires us to address the 'governance system'. There is no single definition of governance.

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Governance is addressed in this article as "the totality of institutional arrangements - including rules and rule-making agents - that regulate transactions inside and across the boundaries of an economic system" Hollingsworth et al. Our perspective is in line with recent debates which claim for a definition of 'international management' that goes beyond the traditional definition of 'management crossing borders'.

He reminds us that "the focus on emphasizing international business education was intensified with the passage of the Higher Education Act of by section of the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of Dependency and development in Latin America. Berkeley, CA: University of California. The state was portrayed as subordinate to international capital, which in turn contributed to the continued underdevelopment of the Third World.

A revisionist approach to dependency theory proposed a less unbalanced relationship between MNEs and the host country. The study of Evans, P. Dependent development. Princeton, N. It is so called because it attempts to summarize the commonly shared themes among policy advice by Washington-based institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and U.

Treasury Department, which were believed to be necessary for the recovery of Latin America from the financial crises of the s. Revisiting rival states. Grosse Ed. International business and government relations in the 21 st Century. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, reports that the 'triangular bargaining will continue to explain a good deal of the interactions" in the business-government relationships, but "there are Acedo, F.

Current paradigms in the international management field: an author co-citation analysis. International Business Review, 14 2 , Arbix, G.

Banerjee, S. Globalization, multiculturalism and other fictions: colonialism for the new millenium? Organization, 8 4 , Bartlett, G. Managing Across Borders. London: Century. Baruch, Y.

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Global or north American? A geographical based comparative analysis of publications in top management journals. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 1 1 , Boddewyn, J. The domain of international management. Journal of International Management, 5 1 , The meanings of "international management", Management International Review, 44 2 , Boje, D. Is Nike roadrunner or Wile E.

Globalization and the Myths of Free Trade (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy)

A postmodern organization analysis of double logic. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, 8 2 , Spectacles and festivals of organization: managing ahimsa production and consumption. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton. Corporate writing in the web of postmodern culture and postindustrial capitalism. Management Communication Quarterly, 14 3 , Boyacigiller, N. The parochial dinosaur: organization science in the global context. Academy of Management Review, 16 2 , Buckley, P.

What is International Business? London: Palgrave. Caldas, M. For the english to see: the importation of managerial technology in late 20th century. Organization, 4 4 , Case, P. Close encounters: ideological invasion and complicity on international management master's programme. Management Learning, 31 1 , Chandler, A.

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Strategy and Structure. Cambridge: MIT Press. Chang, S. Corporate governance in the twenty-first century: new managerial concepts for supranational corporations. American Business Review, 19 2 , Child, J. The international crisis of confidence in corporations.

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Academy of Management Executive, 15 3 , Clark, W. Enron: the failure of corporate governance. Journal of Corporate Citizenship,2 8 , Clark, T. Global myopia: globalization theory in international business.