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A great deal of research has focused on the stratum corneum, the primary skin barrier. In this chapter, we describe the structural properties of human skin, its functions, and the basic principles of drug penetration. The lipid composition and structural organisation of the stratum corneum, as well as the pathways of drug permeation, are highlighted. This chapter should provide a basic understanding of these topics and prepare the reader for advanced discussions in the specialist chapters that follow.

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This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Agache P a Metrology of the stratum corneum. In: Agache P, Humbert P eds Measuring the skin: non-invasive investigations, physiology, normal constants. Agache P b The human skin: an overview. Bikle DD Vitamin D, metabolism and function in the skin. Open Derm J —13 Google Scholar.

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Elias PM Structure and function of the stratum corneum extracellular matrix. Elias PM Epidermal lipids, barrier function, and desquamation. Forslind B A domain mosaic model of the skin barrier.

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I want to make sure my skin care and cosmetic routine is clean. I keep running into the same problems with this app when researching products.

Product inventory needs to be updated. Not user friendly.

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Think Dirty has this option Example: is the ingredient cancer-causing or just a skin irritant? I have to go to the full site to look at each ingredient in detail. Product information needs to be updated. Many products are only listed for old formulas Nobody is using the old formulas!

If you still have a bottle of cleanser or foundation from 5 years ago you need to toss it for reasons other than possible toxic ingredients This app is important and useful. It just needs to be updated and tweaked. Other than that- I find it difficult to understand a lot of the chemicals explanations.

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I use another app for my beauty supplies only because it is a little more understandable and they break down every ingredient your looking at. Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.