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How artists can (finally) get paid in the digital age - Jack Conte

Currently housed in Santa Monica, the growing operation has been expanding in the last year. Charles was an early and avid art collector, and founded the Saatchi Gallery in London in Saatchi Online was developed in in London as a way to display the art on the Internet. Originally, the site was not meant to sell anything, but rather only to display works by emerging artists.

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By , the site shifted into a marketplace, and has been connecting painters, sculptors, photographers, and other artists directly with consumers ever since. It fills a gap -- wherein many first-time art buyers or even seasoned patrons may not have access to galleries in far-flung parts of the globe -- the site gives those art lovers access to various works from over countries.

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  5. Conversely, artists all over the world gain a world stage, wherein their art is displayed on a well-trafficked site and viewed by many potential buyers. The process also eliminates expensive percentages often taken by art dealers. In creating a direct-to-consumer experience, they often make a more personal connection between buyer and artist.

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    There is certainly a market for fine art, as even Amazon has gotten into the business of selling it. However, Saatchi is likely closer to a true gallery experience, as works on the Saatchi site are all examined, vetted, and curated for display online by Wilson.

    Saatchi Online most recently began offering an Art Advisory service , whereby any art collector can work directly with Wilson as their personal curator. Beschreibung Autorenportrait Inhalt Informationen zu E-Books This book is a monograph of cultural economics of a new concept, artistenterprises. It explores various dimensions that artists embody, i.

    It shows how these artistenterprises are at the core of the contemporary creative industries.

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    Even when they are on their own, artists have to demonstrate or manage a variety of skills, sign contracts both in the early and later stages of their activities, and also maintain relationships and networks that enable them to attain their artistic and economic goals. They are no longer simply entrepreneurs managing their own skills but are the enterprises themselves. The artistenterprises thus find themselves at the confluence of two dynamics of productionartistic and economic: artistic because they invent new expressions and meanings; and economic because these expressions must be supported by monetary values on the market.


    The artistic dynamic is part of a long process of artistic enhancement and only an artist can say whether it has reached the point of presentation or equilibrium. The economic dynamic is dependent on the constant endorsement of artists' works by the market to ensure their survival as artistenterprises.

    The Artist-enterprise in the digital age /

    The tension created by this disparity is further aggravated by another tension: the need to overcome a number of risks so that artistenterprises can progress. This book will be of special interest to artists, managers, students, professionals, and researchers in the fields of the arts, creativity, economics, and development. New Challenges for the Artist Enterprise. Cultural Products.