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The embroiderers include several of his fellow contributors, among them Marco Polo - who, according to the series' editor, tells of The Customs of the Kingdoms of India in "a hectic blend of correct, careful information and the wildest fantasy"; and Olaudah Equiano, a slave turned Royal Navy sailor who served in the Seven Years War in both North America and Europe. The foreword to Sold as a Slave says: "It seems almost certain that the famous opening section, dealing with life in Benin, is a fabrication.

Honesty and modesty seems more highly prized among women, but there are only three among the 20 writers, who range from Herodotus, the "Father of History" c. Mary Kingsley , up the Congo in a canoe, sees a crocodile coming over the stern. She is forced to "retire to the bows, to keep the balance right, and fetch him a clip on the snout with a paddle". Lest the reader overestimate her sangfroid, she adds: "It is no use saying I was frightened, for this miserably understates the case.

The clergyman's daughter Isabella Bird , riding among trappers and Indians in the Rockies and writing to her sister Henrietta, recounts an evening when her face is brushed in the dark by a fox or a skunk and a snake sticks its head through the floor. She concludes: "I am forming a plan for getting farther into the mountains, and hope that my next letter will be more lively.

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Walter Henry Bates seems a bit of a wuss in comparison. Bates spent 11 years on the Amazon, collecting 15, specimens, most of them insects and well over half previously unknown to science. He counts a night of endless drizzle, when he was menaced by nothing bigger than a mosquito, as one of the most miserable he ever spent.

How did he last? And what must it have been like to have him grumbling from the next hammock? Venezuela with von Humboldt would have been a lot jollier. Like Bates, he wanted to contribute to the progress of science; unlike Bates, he had fun doing it.

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His passion for travel and his acknowledgement of his luck in being able to enjoy it shine from every page. And he never, ever exaggerates. None runs to more than pages and the shortest is about Some feel a little disjointed, others come to an abrupt end - but they are wonderful appetisers.

I wanted to read more of von Humboldt, whose prose seems remarkably modern, his sentences almost as clipped as those of Kapuscinski. Publication of the latter's The Cobra's Heart could not be more timely, with the massive figure of Idi Amin currently filling cinema screens. Honourable Company by John Keay Paperback. Metcalf Author , Thomas R. Metcalf Author. India by Stephen Philip Cohen, et al. White Mughals by William Dalrymple. Cultural History of India by A.

The Customs Of the Kingdoms Of India

Ramayana by William Buck. India: A History :Keay's narrative begins in B. Keay traces the growth of subsequent states and kingdoms throughout antiquity and continues to the modern day, his narrative ending with Indian-Pakistani conflicts in Fluently told and well documented, Keay's narrative history is of much value to students and general readers with an interest in India's past and present. The True History and the Religion of India: A Concise Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism Contains an unimaginably enormous amount of authentic information with scientific evidences that brings the total Hinduism in one single volume.

The Complete Taj Mahal : The greatest monument to love, and the lost world of the Agra gardens and their characterful owners, re-created through superb scholarship and evocative illustrations.

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The book features hundreds of new photographs plus drawings by the Indian architect Richard Barraud that include plans and reconstructions of Agra and the Taj complex as they looked in Shah Jahan's time. India: A History :The history of what is now India stretches back thousands of years, further than that of nearly any other region on earth.

The customs of the kingdoms of India / Marco Polo ; translated by Ronald Latham.

Yet, observes historian John Keay, most historical work on India concentrates on the period after the arrival of Europeans, with predictable biases, distortions, and misapprehensions. One, for example, is the tendency to locate the source of social conflict in India's many religions--to which Keay retorts, "Historically, it was Europe, not India, which consistently made religion grounds for war.

His narrative begins in B. This period coincides with the arrival of Indo-European invaders, the so-called Aryans, whose name, of course, has been put to bad use at many points since. Keay traces the growth of subsequent states and kingdoms throughout antiquity and the medieval period, suggesting that the lack of unified government made the job of the European conquerors somewhat easier--but by no means inevitable.

He continues to the modern day, his narrative ending with Indian-Pakistani conflicts in How Vedic society was a global influence and what shattered this world-wide society.

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You will see the advanced nature of Vedic knowledge that long superceded other noted cultures. How Sanskrit faded from being a global language.

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Wolpert has managed to condense over 4, years of continuity and development into a graceful and engaging pages of text. The book discusses modern India's rapidly growing population and even more rapidly expanding industry and economy withing the context of the country's past, as well as considering the prospects for India's future. Throughout, Wolpert strives to record history fairly and truthfully, portraying with clarity and intensity both the brightest achievements of Indian civilization, and the darkest depths of its persistent socio-secual inequities, and economic and political corruption. Made for Maharajas returns readers to that resplendent era, presenting a selection of one-of-a-kind objects crafted to order by the outstanding European luxury goods manufacturers, fashion houses, and decorators of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Many of the illustrations in this book have never been previously reproduced outside of India, making this not only the first volume of its kind, but a remarkable keepsake that may never be duplicated in our lifetime. Basham, Kenneth G. Zysk Best work on the subject. Simple and scholarly. Desai, St. John's University. Search Hinduwebsite. Bhagavadgita Wisdom. Upanishad Wisdom. Prayers and Mantras. Ashtavakra Samhita.